Lessons for our Day

What have we learned from the fate of Atlantis that can help us overcome the negative forces responsible for the destructions of 9/11/01?

During most of their history, and that’s for thousands of years –  much longer than our current civilization – the people of Atlantis lived simple lives, close to nature. They respected the natural world and made a point of maintaining harmony with it. In this respect, their lives were similar to the civilization on this continent before the Europeans came.

In addition to living close to nature, the Atlanteans comprehended that they were a part of the universe; they were in touch with their spirit guides and much of what lies beyond the third dimensional environment. From all these sources, they learned that love and compassion for others were the basis of life, and they lived accordingly.

During this time the Atlanteans worked only enough to meet their daily needs. Extensive possessions weren’t necessary because they judged each other on how highly evolved they were – what kind of a person one really was. Many Atlanteans believed that one’s life should be 50% spiritual and 50% material.

So – what happened in Atlantis to change this idealistic life? Their problem wasn’t one of terrorism, but there are similarities. Gradually the people became more interested in scientific and material progress, and focused on using and controlling nature. As emphasis on science and technology increased, people’s lives changed. They spent more and more time focusing on facts and tangible objects and lost their respect for what they could not perceive with their five senses. The spiritual quality of life became unimportant to many. Moral standards declined, and the Atlanteans grew increasingly sensual and self-indulgent.

Edgar Cayce, the great healer and psychic from whom we  received so much information about Atlantis, describes two groups of people there. One – the Children of the Law of One who focused on love and prayer to promote knowledge, and the other, the Sons of Belial who worshiped pleasure, sought material possessions and were spiritually immoral.

Toward the end of the civilization, the Sons of Belial assumed control, and the Children of the Law of One secluded themselves in order to have the best possible conditions to focus on prayer and meditation, as a way of combating the corruption. It was a good plan, but it didn’t work for two reasons. One, there just weren’t enough of them and, without moral guidance, the people became increasingly corrupt. Greed, hate and envy increased, and crime increased dramatically. The negative energy was very
strong. In the end, as Plato tells us, earthquakes and floods assaulted the island and it was swallowed by the sea.

How does this relate to our lives today? Thoughts are energy and this energy moves outward in wave patterns. Every person sends out energy like a radio transmitter. The energy of thoughts can be powerful. We know that thoughts are contagious between people and can produce mass hysteria. It is said that if you can hold a thought or feeling in your mind for at least 17 seconds without introducing a contrary idea or emotion, you’ll see evidence of this thought manifest around you in the physical world.

Cayce says that thoughts are things and may become miracles. At a conference that was held at the time when a serious storm threatened Corpus Christi, fifty people formed a circle, joined hands, and each in their own way focused on diverting the storm from Corpus Christi. There thoughts were successful and the storm moved around it. It is a prevalent belief that two years ago, when hurricane Floyd threatened the East coast, the will and hopes of so many people diminished the powerful storm and moved it out to sea.

If a group of people is concentrating on hostility and destruction, it is producing negative energy. However, if stronger positive energy, in the form of peace, love and light is introduced, it can prevail. In Atlantis the actions of the people produced the negative energy; today we are coping with human beings with evil intentions.

Edgar Cayce says the future isn’t fixed, and that we have control of our own destinies. Virtuous people are working to combat the negative energy, and the outcome will be far superior to what happened to Atlantis. Numerous former Atlantean souls are incarnate again on Earth, and many of them are here to try and deter our civilization from going the way of Atlantis. The work of these good people can make a difference in changing the direction of the world. Meditation and prayer are examples of how many persons are collectively attempting to raise vibrational patterns on our planet – collectively because a group of people is more powerful than an individual.

Instead of isolating themselves, as the Atlanteans did, the focus today is on raising the consciousness of as many others as possible; moderating the negative energy by generating and spreading positive vibrations. Instead of succumbing to chaos and violence, energies that destroyed Atlantis, thoughtful individuals are uniting in a common goals of love, peace and light.

A web site,, publicizes the numerous events all over the world that are focused on meditation and prayer for peace. The energy which these events generate from so many groups of people, nullifies the energy of darkness and allows the higher frequencies of love to return to the Earth.

Everyone says our lives will never be the same again. An increasing number of people are putting more emphasis on love, balance and simplicity. As they focus on thinking about what’s really important, their values are changing and becoming more like those of Atlanteans during what is sometimes referred to as their Golden Age.

“Many predict Atlantis will rise from the sea. What will ‘rise’ is not necessarily the land, but the resurrection of the immateriality, enlightenment and spirituality of the past. The favorable balance of energy and the harmony of the past will again be reinstated on the planet Earth.” Atlantis: Insights From a Lost Civilization, p. 244.

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