What Were the People Like?

Atlanteans had the characteristics of survivors because of the natural catastrophes their ancestors overcame to stay alive in the unstable country. They had highly developed psychic skills. Edgar Cayce describes them as a “thought people”, “those of an intuitive influence”.

Some Atlanteans were more psychic than the most advanced psychics today. I remember I was rather skeptical when my brother-in-law first suggested this to me, but now that I’ve learned a great deal more I agree with him. I believe there were those in Atlantis who knew how to reach levels of awareness and dimensions that only a few are beginning to comprehend today. These Atlanteans had access to the future and the past.
How did they get this way?

Well, they cultivated the use of the right side of the brain in their children by respecting their insights and dreams. As infants, we are more open to our psychic senses. Not only because we are still very close to the other side of life, but also our speech isn’t fully developed, so we have to rely on our feelings, or our senses, to relate to the physical world. The Atlanteans easily taught their children things like how to practice dowsing, and to generally just rely on their intuition. As adults, some of them developed tremendous discipline of the mind… and dedicated their lives towards applying the knowledge they acquired.

The lifestyle of the people of Atlantis also contributed to their retaining their psychic skills. They were always in close contact with their natural environment. People like the Maori from New Zealand, the Australian aboriginals, and some Siberian healers are known for their intuitive skills. They live closer to nature than most of us ever can. But I’m not sure I would like to constantly experience some of their living conditions either.

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