Gods From the Sky to Atlantis

Planets surround more than one-half of the 100 billion or more known stars in this galaxy. Using powerful telescopes scientists are constantly increasing these numbers for there are many galaxies. Carefully preserved legends and scholarly literature indicate that some of the beings who developed in these distant worlds advanced their scientific skills enough to leave their homelands and travel in space to our desirable small planet.

  Usually the travelers are described as Gods descending from the skies. From the North African tribes of the Zulu and Dogons we learn that the visits of these Gods are the oldest think in their history. The ancient Order of Egyptian Ammonites and Central America’s Popul Vuh tell us that their guests used the compass, knew the Earth was round, and understood the secrets of the universe. 

Native Americans have maintained contact with visitors from the “Star Nations” since the beginning of their time. Star Knowledge Conferences and a sun dance, managed by Standing Elk and other representatives of a wide variety of indigenous people, are held frequently to share their origin from the stars and the influence of the star people on their cultures, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies.

       Visitors from the sky certainly spend time in Atlantis which was one of the most attractive places to live in prehistory. During the Ice Age from 50,000 BC to 10,000 BC the warm winds of the Gulf Stream, which circled the island, assured a pleasant climate without snow and ice. Greek mythology represents them as real people complete with emotions and sexual powers. Plato tells us the god Poseidon went to Atlantis, married an Earth woman, and performed superhuman feats as he constructed a city with gigantic buildings. Poseidon, the god of the sea, also helped the Atlanteans build ships and sail to distant ports. 

 The history of the Cherokee begins with the people from the stars known as the seven dancers (the Pleiades). They believe their forebears came from the Pleiades and settled in Atlantis where they lived happily for many generations. When some of the islands of Atlantis started to disintegrate, their descendants moved westward to the North American continent, where they were known as the Cherokee.

Edgar Cayce was aware of Poseidon’s influence on Atlantis and referred to it as the Poseidon land, or as Poseidia. He refers to vehicles coming to Earth during the late Atlantean period, whose occupants warned of the impending destruction of Atlantis. Ruth Montgomery gives visitors from outer space the credit for the extraordinary crystal which provided the Atlanteans with a non polluting source of power.

     We will probably never know a great deal about the activities of the Gods from the sky on our planet in prehistory, but they were here, and they lived with and assisted the people of Atlantis.

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