Contacts between the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria

in Conferences before 50,000 BC, in Egypt, in Gobiland and the Bird Serpent War. Churchward found this map in a monastery in western Tibet. Constellations pictured at the top of the map indicated that this passageway existed in So. Am.. in about 20,000 B. C..  I realized the Amazon River Delta could have been this large when I flew over parts of it in a single engine plane on my way to the Pantanal – an area in north western Brazil. It’s very flat, surrounded by hills and much of it still floods every year. Remains of the canal can still be seen in the mountains today above Lake Titicaca and the remains of the city of Tiahuanaco, both of which are over 12,000 feet high.. Lake Titicaca which lies between Peru and Bolivia is one of highest lakes in the world. It’s still very large – over 3,000 square miles. The salt content of Lake Titicaca, the sea shells found there and some of its plant life suggest it was once at sea level.    Jacques Costeau   small sub.  About 15-20’ down large stones formed a rocky ridge like a spinal column thru that part of the lake.= It appears to be evidence of a canal that once led to the ocean. . Today Tiahuanaco is almost 200 miles from the ocean but many signs confirm that the area was once at sea level. The theory is that about 10,000 BC the plate text to the west coast of So. Am. pushed into & under the continent and forced up the land. When the first Spanish priests arrived in the 16th century much of the city was still there. The Spaniards described constructions which contained huge amounts of gold & silver – melted down.. Statues with faces from far East, from the west & Africa. 

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Rejuvination in Atlantis

Edgar Cayce tells us that the ingenious Atlanteans used crystals to burn destructive forces from the body in a way that encouraged it to rejuvenate itself…

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Cave Paintings

A favorable climate offered Atlanteans the opportunity to live without an intense daily struggle for food and shelter and some were able to focus on aesthetic occupations like art and music. Since the ocean was about 350 feet lower than to day it was possible to walk across…

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How did I become interested in Atlantis?

It all started when I was very young. As a child, for some reason, I was SURE there was a land in the Atlantic Ocean called Atlantis. I can remember my Mother telling me I was wrong, and finally getting out a map and showing me there was no such place. I didn’t forget it

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When and Where Was Atlantis?

The Atlantic Ridge is a mountainous section of the ocean floor running north-south in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. It lies at the intersection of two tectonic plates and three tectonic plates intersect in the area of the Azores Plateau. It is one of the most active volcanic areas in the world so very

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What Was It Like in Atlantis?

The country was lovely, in spite of the instability caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The volcanic soil was rich and nourishing and there was plenty of rainfall. It was relatively warm, even during the Ice Age. Lush flowering plants, ferns and trees grew everywhere. Plato describes the land this way and mentions the lakes, rivers

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Who Lived in Atlantis So Long Ago?

The people who lived in Atlantis were basically very similar to us. Just as intelligent, they laughed, loved and grew angry, although they had more highly developed psychic abilities. Many Atlanteans thought one’s life should be 50% material and 50% spiritual. During the long civilization there were many who spent an immense amount of time

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